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DJANEMAG AUSTRALIA is relatively new region in DJANEMAG family and this year it presented the first top20djanes Australia! 

Congratulations to the team and all DJs who got to the top!

First place got the Australian sensation, international DJ and world famous producer Alison Wonderland. Second rank went to Tigerlily and third one got Havana Brown. 

We understand that you may have a question about the differences between world ratings and regional ones.

The answer is actually quite simple.

This is the popularity of a DJ in her native country and worldwide.

There are DJs who are world famous and get more votes in the top100 ranking, but in the ranking of their country they may rank lower.

It depends on the number of gigs in the native country, for example a DJ can present Australia, but have international tours or gigs all the time and perform in Australia not so frequently, so people could prefer some DJ resident from their favourite club.

Another important factor is the time of voting!

Voting for the TOP100DJANES lasts almost a year (from March to November), regional voting can last 3-4 months, so, those girls who will be more active will receive more votes or who performs in the country more and known more.

Find the full list below:

1. Alison Wonderland 

2. Tigerlily

3. Havana Brown

4. Brooke Evers

5. Anna Lunoe

6. Godlands

7. Some Blonde

8. Kaka

9. Brooklyn

10. Lucille Croft

11. Nina Las Vegas

12. Ruby Rose

13. The Twins

14. Katt Niall

15. Kate Foxx

16. Kitty Kat

17. Tamara

18. Courtney Mills

19. Lionette

20. Natalia Moon