NERVO revealed that Liv was deceived by her daughter's father

During International Women's Day and after some time fighting injustice, NERVO dedicated an Instagram post to reveal the situation they faced with Matthew Pringle, a wealthy New Zealander, owner of Manuka Doctor and biological father of Ace Paloma.

In this post, they explained to the world how Liv was deceived from the start, and that Pringle was hiding a double life by maintaining a relationship with her, as he has two other daughters and a fiancée, and neither he nor his family wants to acknowledge Ace. Girls not only shared a personal story, but also are calling for attention to the problem of slavery (find the post below).

Stage colleagues and a huge fan community have supported Liv publicly on social media.

"It's funny how we can become aware of our privilege. We're not proud to admit that we were ignorant for most of our lives & only in recent years have become more sensitive to our own privileges. Perhaps it was that video of George Floyd, the #METOO movement, lockdown, or when Liv was tricked into becoming a single mother. 2 years on, her little girl has still not met her father or his family & that confusion of a child being seen as an insurmountable hurdle, has led to a major shift in our understanding of the world as it is, but not as it should be. We hope for change & want more for our daughters. It has been a painful period of growth which enabled us to look outward & see that we were not alone. Society too often ignores basic human rights to profit or protect immoral predatory behaviour. While we saw injustice everywhere we also saw privilege & understood, in our 30’s, that we have a responsibility to help others. Women have been trodden on, dismissed & abused everywhere but WE are some of the lucky ones!

Girls born into poverty, unlike us, have very limited choices. While the popular advise during a personal crisis is to 'let go of what you cannot control', we would like to attempt to do the opposite & by teaming up with the phenomenal charity @Walkfree, we would like to bring awareness to better this world–for all daughters, sisters & mothers. Did you know that 1/130 women & girls around the world today, are trapped in modern slavery? This has to stop! International Women’s Day is about recognizing that we can help. Women before us fought hard for privileges that we now take for granted ie.choices, freedom, acknowledgement... Whether you are of the left, right, red, blue, techno or deep house, there MUST be a common agreement that we want to END child trafficking.

We must abolish all forms of modern slavery & become more aware of companies that profit from child labour. A personal story, spurring us into action so please join us in celebrating #IWD & follow @walkfree to see how your voice is helping. In collaboration with the UN, please SHARE the video & lets help heal this world! HAPPY IWD --------‍-- #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021", Nervo shared via IG.