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A new electronic music venue Terminal 4 is opening in Sydney

The terminal at the White Bay Cruise Terminal in Sydney will be transformed into a pop-up music hub. Formed by Untitled Group which is the same crew behind festivals such as, Beyond the Valley.

The creators promise that it will be "an inclusive and progressive space in which electronic music will be at the forefront." Sydney is embarking on a highly anticipated electronic music renaissance.
Sydney’s newest electronic music event series housed within a previously untouched shipping terminal.

With a spotlight on booking first-class local and international artists, Terminal 4 will be an inclusive and progressive space where electronic music is at the forefront.

The avant-garde establishment will offer awe-inspiring industrial design with soaring ceilings and waterfront views over Glebe Island, Port Jackson, and the waterways of Darling Harbour to the Harbour Bridge.

First event T4001 to be announced soon. Stay tuned! 

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