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We are extremely excited to announce that DJANEMAG broadens borders and we are happy to welcome a new member of our family DJANEMAG AUSTRALIA! 

We prepared a short interview and here you can find out more about our new representative.

DJANEMAG: Tell a little about you and your company.

My name is Lina and I am responsible for managing DJANEMAG AUSTRALIA. My first initial engagement with electronic music was during 2018 at the Panda Music Festival and I have been a fan ever since! I am extremely passionate for music and have played multiple instruments since I was young, including mallet percussion and drum kit. I strive to make a change to the current electronic music market in Australia and spread the love and passion for electronic music to everyone.

Panda Entertainment is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Our organisation takes pride in the Sino-Australian diaspora and aims to engage and further expand the Australian and Eastern music industry. Panda Entertainment currently has two projects: Panda Music Festival and Panda Film which aims to provide our artists planning, overseas promotional marketing, large-scale performance opportunities and video shooting services. Panda Entertainment takes into consideration of the global entertainment trends in alignment with the overseas demands to hosted Australia’s first Eastern music festival focused event – Panda Music Festival.

DJANEMAG: Give links to DJANEMAG Australia accounts in social networks so that our readers and DJs can follow.

Facebook Page:



DJANEMAG: What are your plans for the development of the region?

We are young and passionate team and we are full of ideas! When you had asked me what were our plans and development of the region, I did not even know where to begin! We will have three areas of focus: Events, Social media, Top 20 Australia. Our ultimate goal is to be the leading organisation and the first organisation that comes to mind when anyone mentions to two words ‘Australia’ and ‘DJanes’.

DJANEMAG: What will be your first step?

Our first step is to introduce ourselves to Australia and announce that DJaneMag has come to Australia. We are currently in the phase of exploring the electronic music market in Australia and wanting to build long-term relationships with local artist agencies, DJanes and night clubs.

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Stay tuned!